App Store· Potatso Lite「 ShadowSocks V2Ray 」 Potatso Lite免费SSR

2018-07-28 18:44:00

App Store· Potatso Lite「 ShadowSocks V2Ray 」 Potatso Lite免费SSR

支持 Shadowsocks、ShadowsocksR、VMess等等协议 -- 在App Store免费下载

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Potatso Lite是一款功能强大的网络工具,可让您的手机拥有完全自定义的网络环境。 它对初学者和高级用户都很友好。

Potatso现在支持Shadowsocks和ShadowsocksR代理。 您可以自己设置一个,也可以从任何代理提供商处购买。


- 自定义代理支持Shadowsocks&ShadowsocksR(通过QRCode,URI或手动输入导入)
- 可持续地在后台运行而不会打扰您
- 支持蜂窝和Wi-Fi
- 自定义DNS支持
- 中国用户的智能路由


请联系[email protected]
Potatso Lite is a powerful network tool which empowers your phone to have fully customized network environment. It's friendly for both beginners and power users. 

Potatso now supports Shadowsocks and ShadowsocksR proxies. You can either setup one by yourself or buy from any proxy providers.

Embedded smart rouing feature for Chinese users is super helpful which can cost less data in proxy servers and speed up domestic network traffic.

=== Features ===
- Custom proxy supports Shadowsocks & ShadowsocksR (Import by QRCode, URI or manual input)
- Run in the background sustainably without interrupting you
- Both cellular and Wi-Fi are supported
- Custom DNS support
- Smart Routing for Chinese users 

=== Privacy ===
We respect your privacy so NO confidential data will be uploaded or shared with third parties

=== Feedback ===
Please contact on [email protected]        
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